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Love Affair In Gym A Secret Love Story

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Descrição de Love Affair In Gym A Secret Love Story

Gym is the perfect place to get the proper fitness tips to keep our body more beautiful & more shining. In this Love Affair In Gym A Secret Love Story game, you enjoy the love story of Reeva who is falling in love during the gym. So get ready to spend the whole time with Reeva and perform tons of fun activities with her. First of all, wake up in the early morning and help her to select the best gym in the city. Before joining the gym, she needs attractive look so visit the makeover section and give her shiny look. After that, go to the gym and start to perform different exercises like cycling, running, spinning, push ups, boxing, weight lifting, jumping rope and more. In this gym love story game, you will find lots of aerobic exercise with plenty of weight loss dancing, aerobics dance workout. At the end, Head to the gym with your love and enjoy some pleasant time with him.

Key Feature :

- Pick out a cute hairstyle

- Challenge your love partner in arm wrestling

- Eating some healthy food after gym

- Do different prank at the gym

- Click some amazing photos

- Enjoy kissing with your love

- Easy to use controls for kids & girls of all ages

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Garantidamente boa app!

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